January 21, 2009


I made this for someone’s birthday. It is kind of washed out here, but I think you get the idea. Dog and cat and mouse are all one being, connected by ear/tongue/whisker/tail.



January 11, 2009

i used parts of my roommate’s woodblock prints to make a little forest in an unoccupied area of my room. i paired it with the new roll of astroturf  i bought two days ago. picture-8

here she is looking “dorky.” i made her put on my new boots for a matching extravaganza:picture-10

we are thinking about starting a risd fashion blog but only have each other on it, appropriating new identities every time we are featured. although then we would need to take them “outside,” sartorialist style..picture-11

well, we might have to reshoot. we also might feature other people. we are thinking that there is probably a big interest in a risd fashion blog. it seems like jieun is happy about this idea. she says her sweater is like zoomed in pixels of a larger landscape, transcending us into the digital age:



January 11, 2009

hey boos. inspired by yesterday’s knitting adventure, i scoured the internet once more for an easy to accomplish knitting project. here he is!

finger pupper!

by now it may be obvious that my yarn supply is limited at best, but i think he’s halfway cute. lonely, though. maybe he’ll be joined some friends tomorrow??


January 10, 2009

I wanted to make another poster for my friend Matt for his “Rabbit Figher Productions,” a student group at Reed that puts on music shows. The first poster was for a real event, featuring The Ruby Suns, Youth Bitch, and Starfucker and had these volumetric purple cones as a basis. In the same photoshoot I also captured a yellow cylinder entering upon the land of the purple cones, so I decided I wanted to do another poster. My friend didn’t have any more events, so I created a fake one: a Britney Spears Q&A. 

And here is the first poster made before. happy mmix from me, too!


January 10, 2009

hi friends! for my first mmix endeavor, i decided to make tofu jenga, barbeque flavored.

tofu jenga!

but alas, it ended up tasting like failure. however, in searching for some images of tofu, i came across this tutorial on how to knit a tofu pin cushion. so, i ran upstairs and got my sister’s copy of stitch ‘n bitch and so many hours later, here it is!

knitted tofu!

happy mmix y’all.